Academic Learning Centers

Learning is a dynamic that never ends. From Early Child Development Centers to High School and beyond, the formula for a successful
student is preparation, focus and determination.

Palette of Choice

Show school pride, think school colors (or corporate colors) when creating inspiration for this palette.

The Details

Associate uniforms should include: Teachers, Administration, Recruiters and ancillary services including Maintenance and Food Services.

Must Have Pieces

A woven shirt and tie, blazer or sweater and dress slacks is perfect for Recruiters, Teachers and Administration. Add a bright apron
over a colorful stretch blouse for Daycare Associates. Tru E polos with cargo work pants or shorts are terrific for Maintenance.
Food services should stand out with a bright polo and kitchen apron. Embroidery with the corporate logo and associates name is a must
for creating the best of the brand.

Why We Love It

Branding academic learning centers through style and color enriches the property and makes a smart statement.