Medical offices are strategically located in hospitals, medical parks, retail stores and now even airports. Uniforms are a “must have” for
these specialized practices. From front desk to medical records, some type of image apparel must set the center apart from the patient.

Palette of Choice

Think corporate colors to provide inspiration for this palette.

The Details

Associates needing uniforms should include: Administration, Front Desk, Registration, Medical Records, Medical Staff, Home Health
Care Associates, Therapies (PT/OT/Speech), Culinary, Maintenance/Grounds and even Volunteers.

Must Have Pieces

Suits or suit separates, paired with dress shirts and neckwear are perfect for Administration, Registration or Front Desk. Create style
extension and variety by adding a sweater or vest. Home health staff need weather specific attire including short or long-sleeve polos,
short or pants and outerwear to work in all climates. Change it up for PTs, OTs and Speech with the use of a bright Hawaiian camp shirt.
Culinary chef coats are perfect for food service. Polos work best Maintenance and Volunteers can throw on a vest while working.
Embroidery with the corporate logo is a must in creating the best of the brand.

Why We Love It

Branding medical offices and hospitals through style and color enriches the practice and easily identifies the associates.