Retirement Communities

Retirement communities host a full continuum of care and their uniforms should provide a variety of functionality addressing health and
fitness clubs, property management associates, assisted living settings, home health/home care and finally to skilled nursing centers.

Palette of Choice

Think active, nurturing and welcoming when creating inspiration for this palette.

The Details

Associate uniforms should include: Property Administration, Lifestyle/Activities/Fitness Coordinators, Healthcare Providers,
Maintenance/Grounds, Housekeeping and even Volunteers.

Must Have Pieces

Suit separates with a stretch blouse, vest and skirt is perfect for Property Administration. Healthcare Providers in woven shirt and
pants or capris. Change it up for the Lifestyle Coordinator with a marina blue polo and navy short. Polos or shirts with cargo pants
are perfect for Maintenance. Stay with a traditional look for Housekeeping. And Volunteers can throw on a camp shirt for easy identification.
Complete the ensemble with Food Services sporting cook shirts to suit their style. Embroidery with the corporate logo is a must in creating
the best of the brand.

Why We Love It

Branding a retirement community through style and color enriches the property and provides a nurturing environment. Having residents easily
identify the property's associates is priceless.