Arenas and Theaters

Relax, enjoy, and escape from everyday life. Theatres and arenas are entertainment venus that let us get lost in the movie, play, musical,
concert or sporting event.

Palette of Choice
Fun, festive and identifiable is our palette choice. Think bright vest, shirt, sweater or blazer with dark pants and white shirt as a basic
for these venues.

The Details
Associate uniforms should include: Box Office or Cashier, Café or Concession, Usher or Security, Valet and even Transportation.

Must Have Pieces
Stretch blouse or shirt, black pants and vest work great for the box office, cashier or usher. Performance polos or woven shirts with black
pants for the café or concessions. Carry the color scheme to security with a white oxford shirt, black pants, red blazer and multi-colored
tie. Valet and transportation should wear embroidered polo (either short or long sleeve) and a light weight coat when the weather turns cold.
Embrodery on everything including the blazer will establish the brand.

Why We Love It
Who doesn't want to go to the theater. Always fun and stylish.