Casino Properties

Lady luck, more than just a gaming floor. Casinos include deluxe accomodations, fine dining and a variety of entertainment attractions. Looking
their best through image apparel provides immediate property and brand identification.

Palette of Choice
Casino décor drives this color palette.

The Details
Associate uniforms should include: Executive Administration, Table Game or Cage, Registration or Front Desk, Restaurant or Café, Gift Shop,
Security, Housekeeping, Valet and even Transportation.

Must Have Pieces
Suits, blazers and suit separates with performance shirts and blouses. Top the look off with neckwear that dazzles. Start with your color palette
to mix and match your style selections. Keep it simple for the restaurant or café with a stretch blouse, low rise stretch pants and square
bottom vest. The same goes for the gift shop with a polo or woven shirt and black pant or skirt. Valet and transportation should wear embroidered
polo (either short or long sleeve) and a light weight coat when the weather turns cold. Embroidery with the corporate logo sets the look apart.

Why We Love It
A lot goes on in a casino property. Don't miss out on the fun.