Mass transit is made to move and all about schedules.

Palette of Choice
Image apparel that is comfortable and easy to care for is the palette choice. Blue is the traditional color of travel, but think woven shirts, sweaters,
and pants with waistbands that stretch.

The Details
Associate uniforms should include: Airlines, Bus/Train/Subway Drivers, Warehouse Associates and Delivery, Car Rental Staff and even Cruise Line

Must Have Pieces
Navigator shirts coupled with chino or microfiber pants or shorts. Sweaters and vest that complement the image apparel program and provide warmth
as the weather changes. Stand out from the crowd by adding custom embellishments to stock suit and suit separate garments. Think white or blue
for cruise lines or anything ship related. Embroidery on everything including the suits will establish the brand.

Why We Love It
Transit drives our world forward.