Organized execution and constant motion inspires apparel for this industry.

Palette of Choice
Garments that move in colors that reflect the corporate brand is the palette choice.

The Details
Associate uniforms should include: Service Desk, Warehouse, Light Assembly, Maintenance, Stocking/Merchandising and Plant Security.

Must Have Pieces
Comfortable, easy care woven and knit shirts that showcase your companies brand are a “must have” for any image apparel program. You can change
the look with each department having a different shirt color or keep it simple with the same color for all associates. Compliment the style
with pants and shorts that have deep pockets and easily transition from cold to warm weather. Sweaters, vests or fleece jackets add warmth and
function for any warehouse or delivery program. Embroidery on everything to establish the brand.

Why We Love It
Having your package delivered always makes you smile.