Warehouse Clerk

Position Title: Warehouse Clerk (All Shifts)

Department: Distribution

Fundamental Functions:

  • Inspect merchandise to ensure quality standards are met and pack as required.
  • Stock merchandise.
  • Count, sort, weigh and place product.
  • Move, transport and relocate product.
  • Work and cooperate with others to achieve objectives.
  • Load and unload trucks as required.
  • Cleans work area as required.
  • Sew, press, cut and make necessary alterations.

Essential Functions:

  • Read and interpret orders.
  • Fill orders promptly and accurately.
  • Use computer terminal.
  • Push an approximately 50 pound cart 300 feet or more, 25 or more times per day.
  • Restock and collect goods from high, medium and low shelving.


  • Computer, sewing machine, scissors, iron, tape measure, tape machine and cart.

Major Life Activities:

  • Sit, stand and walk periodically up to 300 feet or more.
  • Lift, bend, climb, reach, kneel, squat, push and pull as needed.
  • Repetitive movements of both hands such as grasping, turning, fine manipulation and the foot as required for sewing machine operation.
  • Lift merchandise--up to 60 pounds--from cart to conveyor.
  • Lift boxes of product. Lift requirement of job: 60 pounds.

Job Pre-Requisites:

  • Distribution Center or sewing factory experience preferred.
  • Skills test: language arts, and math.
  • +3 or above equivalent for last 12 months evaluation average (if applicable).
  • Drug screen and back lift test.
  • 90-day probationary period.

Kazoo, Inc. (Edwards Garment) is an equal opportunity employer. Employment decisions are based on merit and business needs and not race, color, citizenhsip status, national origin, gender, age, height, weight, religion, disability, genetic information, marital status, veteran status or any other factor protected by law.